March 10, 2017

It’s been 7 months since my last post.  I keep trying to convince Lincoln to take over the blog.  I would love to hear his perspective.  I continue to be glad that Lincoln has a good attitude.  Every morning when he’s ready to get up he happily says, “Let’s do this thing!”

In September 2016, 5 months after becoming decannulated, Lincoln had a surgery to close his stoma.  At least that’s what I thought they were doing.  But actually they roughed it up so that it would have fresh tender skin exposed in order to close on it’s own.  The healing was a bit of a painful process. Now he enjoys a wicked scar on his throat and likes to make up awesome stories of how he got it.

Once his stoma closed he could be considered for a bipap machine at night to keep his lungs healthy.  Again, this was a bit of a lengthy process to get all the settings correct as well as a mask that fit him well. He still has a hard time going to sleep with it on, so the night caregiver waits until he is asleep then slips it on.

Lincoln is in grade 10, and does well in school. He loves to do art, and one of his drawings was selected to be in an art show in Calgary.

Lincoln’s Make A Wish came true in October 2016. He wished for a Strike Force wheel chair to play soccer. Make A Wish representatives as well the Boston Pizza sponsors set up the surprise at the gym where he plays soccer.  Once Lincoln arrived for practice they wheeled the special soccer chair out of the storage closet and surprised him. We took a bunch of pictures and there was pizza and snacks for everyone!

We are still being spoiled by wonderful people who serve us. We had a sweet family do the 12 days of Christmas to us. We eagerly anticipated each gift left anonymously on our door step.  We always wondered what the items would be because they  correlated with the song.  And as you know, there are a lot of birds in the 12 days of Christmas. We received such things as canned pears, turtles chocolates, dove soap, kinder surprises, chocolate milk,  ring pops, bird seed feeders, slinkies, recorders and so on. This was such a special part of Christmas for us. Months later the kids still sing the song and try and remember each day.

We also received an anonymous and generous monetary gift at Christmas time. Gratefully Rich and I went out for a nice dinner. We were also able to buy Christmas food and ingredients for the family. And we got a nice gift for each of the kids at home. My heart is just so full of gratitude and love for the goodness God continues to provide for my family through angels here on earth.

Our family came home from one of the kids Christmas concerts and we were just taking off our coats and boots and we heard some rustling outside our door. We opened it up to find our porch filled with wrapped presents. No one was around. There were 2 gifts for each of us. The kids excitedly brought them in the house and put them under the tree. We feel so loved and supported. We are just overjoyed with the acts of service we receive.

Lincoln ended up with pneumonia at the beginning of the year. This is going to be a constant challenge for him. He was not required to stay overnight in the hospital, and we were able to nurse him back to health at home.

Lincoln celebrated his 16th birthday with family at home. He had a nice dinner and birthday cake and played games with his siblings. His Young Men’s leader along with the boys in the ward planned a surprise party for him at the church. It’s so nice to know that Lincoln is remembered and treated so kindly.

Mckay takes Lincoln out on a weekly basis. They enjoy meals together, going to movies shopping for guy stuff, or just going for a drive. It’s so important to me that these two keep building their relationship.

In our recent General Conference, Elder Evan A. Schmutz talked about the purpose in suffering; and why bad things happen to good people. I am sure we have all wondered this at one point or another. He explains that it’s to see if we will be faithful in tribulation and also to help us learn compassion for others.  He said that suffering does not teach us anything unless we deliberately become involved in learning from it. Trials should sanctify us. Lincoln’s trial is definitely sanctifying him.

Lincoln smiling through his hospital treatment.

Lincoln receiving his Strike Force chair


Lincoln and Emma



August 5, 2016

So many wonderful people keep asking about Lincoln and his progress. We are grateful for each and every one of you.

Lincoln is still breathing on his own day and night. However, he had an overnight oximetry test performed.  This test measures his oxygen levels. We found that he needs a bipap machine at night to help him out. We haven’t been able to do so yet because the hole in his throat from the trach has not fully healed, and air leaks right out when the bipap is used. Surgery will be done soon to close his stoma.

Lincoln uses a cell phone now. We were able to order a mount online that attaches his phone to his wheel chair. His wheel chair is equipped with Bluetooth and we were able to sync it to his phone. Once his phone is on, he can use both voice command and his head control to use his phone.

High blood pressure is no longer a concern. We use socks with less compression now and it seems to be helping.

A wonderful Respiratory Therapist in our ward at church recently instituted a fundraiser for Lincoln through his union at work. We continue to be amazed by everyone’s generosity in helping Lincoln acquire what he needs to be healthy and successful.  We have found a standing frame that suites Lincoln quite nicely. When we found that it cost $10000 Lincoln said, “That’s ridiculous, I don’t want one that bad!” But fortunately because of this fundraiser and a few other fundraising companies we will be applying to, Lincoln will be able to get this standing frame, and receive all the health benefits it offers.

Lincoln was rushed to the ER one night in the middle of July. He had a sudden excruciating headache that was unbearable. He was dizzy and nauseous.  He had to keep his eyes closed with a cold cloth on his head. His temperature spiked as well. After a quick examination they sent him for a CT scan. All indications pointed to a thunderclap headache. Since this is potentially life threatening, I was scared, but glad we got him to the hospital quickly. I was also comforted by the fact that Rich had given him a priesthood blessing at home just before heading to the hospital. Thankfully the scan was normal and he was able to go home. The head aches did not completely go away and we saw his doctor a couple days later. Lincoln had reacted to a new medication. We were prescribed a lower dose.

Lincoln went on a 5 night summer camp with other kids who have physical disabilities. It’s called Camp He Ho Ha, it stands for Health, Hope and Happiness. We were glad he was well enough to go. He had a great time getting to know other kids, and doing a variety of fun activities such as swimming in a pool, canoeing, fishing, archery, rock climbing, and zip lining. He definitely wants to go again next year.

My Dad his wife and all their kids had a family reunion near Edmonton. They chose this location so Lincoln could attend. We rented a big house with a pool in the back. Each day we went and had fun with the family and each night we came back home so Lincoln could sleep in his own bed and be cared for by his night nurse.  He had fun getting to see a lot of family he hadn’t seen since his accident. He also convinced Rich to put him in the pool one day when it was particularly hot.

Also this summer he has been enjoying visits and bike rides with friends, card games, board games and movies. And if all this doesn’t sound fun enough, a friend of ours took him out on his motorcycle just last night. They used rock climbing harnesses, carabineers, rope and tie downs.

A new friend of mine from the ward told me about an article from this month’s Ensign called, “Accepting the Lord’s will and timing”. I was so uplifted by this message. It made me think a lot about Lincoln and how he has not retreated, recoiled or given up. Part of the talk says, “As we confront our own trials and tribulations, we too can plead with the Father, just as Jesus did, that we might not shrink. Not shrinking is much more important than surviving! Moreover partaking of a bitter cup without becoming bitter is likewise part of the emulation of Jesus.”


getting lifted into the pool


relaxing in the pool


All geared up and ready for a ride


That smile says it all…




Monday May23, 2016

Lincoln has great news to share since the last post! In April, he spent a few nights in the hospital for a sleep study. One morning during his stay the doctor asked if he wanted to get his trach out. Of course he did. So the doctor walked up to him, undid the ties around his neck that hold it in place and yanked it out. Lincoln was shocked to say the least, but he couldn’t be happier about it. He has been breathing on his own day and night since. There will be more tests in the near future just to make sure his body is handling the challenge.

Lincoln has had a few standing frame trials. He likes being upright but we are still searching for the right frame to buy.

Lincoln has had a few appointments for custom pressure socks. He wants the cool sporty looking ones but his feet and legs are such a unique size that we haven’t solved this problem yet.

The young men’s leader arranged for an activity night at our house. It was nice to have all the boys here. They made chicken wings and veggies and played a trivia game. I appreciate it so much when people make an effort to include Lincoln.

Lincoln and I made a trip to Lethbridge by ourselves to attend Kami’s graduation from the college. A special thanks to “hotel Anderson” who always makes room for us and takes such good care of us. We had a great time hanging out with friends and family, walking in the coulees and getting our hair cut.

One of Lincoln’s next obstacles that we are working through is trying to get him using a cell phone. There is a technology center at a hospital in Edmonton called the ICAN center. They help us navigate our way through these challenges. A friend of ours is lending him her phone and he has tried both a blue tooth method and a mouth stick holding a stylist. There will be a few more things to figure out including how to mount it on his wheel chair.

Apparently Lincoln’s doctor had been promising him a ride in his car since he was in intensive care. Finally the day came. Recently after an appointment he threw Lincoln the keys and said to take it for a spin. First the doctor took him out for a few minutes then he told me to take a turn. Very reluctantly I agreed. We had a great time and felt pretty lucky to be given this opportunity. When we came back the doctor was surprised we had returned so soon and said he thought we would be out all afternoon.

A follow up with the urologist and an ultrasound have cleared him of any more kidney stones. They were expecting he would continue to have them, so we are quite happy about this. However, he does react to getting up and we have yet to figure out exactly why his blood pressure is high.

Since being decannulated, Lincoln has been enjoying more freedom including going to the movies with friends. Our local news paper came and did a follow up story on his progress, and Lincoln was able to thank the community and friends for all their support as well as helping to create his amazing “Man Cave”. Check it out at youth thanking community for support

I asked Lincoln for a couple of his favorite spiritual thoughts…

“Faith in God includes Faith in his timing” Neal A. Maxwell

“Challenges will come to you but as you Trust in God they will strengthen your faith” Neil A. Anderson

The hole where his trach was
navigating his cell phone

taking a cruise in his doctors sweet ride

March 18, 2016

Lincoln is doing remarkably well. In school this semester he is taking Science, Social, Art, and Sci Tech. His teachers are very willing to help him do his best whatever it takes. Full days at school are very tiring, but he always wants to go. One morning I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. He had a sleepless night, but he insisted he go to seminary and school.  His night nurse and I got his compression stockings on, got him dressed, put the sling underneath him, and hooked up the sling to the lift. As we started to lift him up, he suddenly responded that he didn’t feel so well and asked to go back down. He stayed home that day and had a 4 hour nap.

For his 15th birthday in February, his brothers surprised him with an outing. They took him to Tim Horton’s, and then to the Edmonton Ice Castles. He had a great time.

Lincoln likes to head to the outdoor skating rink that is just down the street from our house. He drives his wheelchair on the ice and has a fun time drifting. Sometimes his little brother and sister come too. They like to hang onto the back of his chair and go for a free ride! Lincoln has always been such a great brother!

Even though Lincoln is always supposed to be with someone who is trach trained, we are starting to give him a bit more independence. He goes to sunday school class without Rich now. And once he even met friends at Tim Horton’s for a couple hours. (Since I needed to be close by, I waited outside in the vehicle for him)

One day, Lincoln told me he had a goal of getting his trach removed within a year. I responded positively but asked why he wanted to get it out. He answered with a question, “What am I going to do, take my parents along with me on dates when I’m 16?”

Lincoln  has been asking/begging for someone to entertain his desire to be decannulated (having his trach removed). He was even sworn at by one of his doctors for simply inquiring. Instead he was told how grateful he should be that he’s alive and doing so well. At our routine trach clinic appointment last month, he asked the doctors what he had to do to get his trach removed. He was told he had to do a number of tests to see if it would be successful. He did some breathing tests, and an ultrasound was booked. A sleep study will be completed with a few nights spend in the hospital without his ventilator. In the meanwhile, he is being weaned from his trach by going to a smaller size.  Slowly the hole in his throat will become smaller and smaller, and once it’s removed it can eventually heal completely.

Lincoln is very excited at the prospect of getting rid of his trach. However, he asked me not to say anything to anyone. He thought about keeping it a secret and then just showing up at school one day with no trach. I respected this even though it was going to be difficult. After the appointment where he found out he could be decannulated, we went to visit one of the nurses who had cared for him while he was in the hospital. She asked him what was new, he just couldn’t help himself. He told her the great news!

Lincoln is still playing power soccer. He enjoys getting together with others who are in similar circumstances. He went to a tournament in Penhold, AB at the beginning of March. There is another one next week in Penticton BC. Rich and Lincoln will be making this trip by themselves. If all goes well, they plan on carrying on to Vancouver for a few days. Lincoln still corresponds with the Sedin brothers. (The captain and assistant captain of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team) He emailed the Sedins the other day and happened to mention his plans on coming to Vancouver. They said they have tickets for them to see a home game. He has never been to a Canucks game.

Lincoln reminds me of Alma in the Book of Mormon. In Mosiah chapter 24 verse 15 is says, “And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.”

I’m proud of Lincoln for his patience and cheerfulness in difficult times. And I am grateful to the Lord for strengthening Lincoln.


lincoln's 15th (3)

Face timing with Kami and Corbin on Lincoln’s birthday


emmas 5th bday 022

Brock made Lincoln breakfast in bed


Lincoln with his autographed Sedin jerseys



JANUARY 16, 2016

It has been a couple of months since the last post. Christmas was a great experience as we were all together as a family. We enjoyed good food, Christmas concerts, games and visits with friends.

We are all getting more and more used to our new life. Night care comes and helps get Lincoln ready for bed. In the morning they are here to help him get ready for the day. Rich takes him to seminary and school. Then I pick him up at lunch, bring him home and take care of his needs. Our daily personal care worker has moved onto a different job and we have been counting on our friend Jana to keep coming and helping whenever she can. She is very diligent with his daily physiotherapy to keep his body flexible, and always helps with whatever needs to be done.

Lincoln stays in bed most of the day and evening, sometimes he gets up for supper, Young Mens, or soccer.  Being a home body is becoming progressively hard for him. He always expresses his desire to get up and do something. But we are having a difficult time figuring out what he can do. I suppose it’s especially hard because it’s winter and he can’t even go outside for a walk. He really loves visits from those who come to see him.

We have help a few evenings a week where a nurse comes to the house to take care of Lincoln. Brock and Emma are always excited when respite comes because then we can do things with them instead always being so busy with Lincoln.

We have tried to involve Lincoln’s siblings in his care where possible. Brock, age 6, now loves to suction Lincoln. He and Emma, age 4,  also feed him, snuggle up to him, and read with him. Mckay takes him to the youth dances and to young men’s activities. Mckay, Benson and Travis like to hang out with Lincoln in his room. The only sibling not mentioned here is Kami and her husband Corbin who live down south. But of course they do what they can when they come to visit.

Lincoln’s health is pretty good. He did have bronchitis and would have been admitted to the hospital if he had a fever. We were lucky and happy to be able to nurse him back to health at home. His visits to the pediatrician are monthly. Trach changes which we do at home are monthly. Trach clinic is every few months. Respiratory, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and his home care manager all check up on us approximately monthly as well. It’s a busy place here but we are so grateful for all the support we receive.

Lincoln has expressed his desire to go to school all day starting next semester. (Feb 1) There is a bit of figuring out to do, but we plan on making it happen. It’s difficult because of his needs throughout the day and the time spent in his wheel chair.

Lincoln really enjoys his man cave. It has everything he needs and there it plenty of room for the family and other visitors as well. Much of the labor and materials were donated to make this project possible. The rest was paid for with the generous proceedings from the bottle drives, the gofundme fundraiser, other fundraisers and personal donations made since Lincoln’s accident. Every time I walk down the ramp into his “man cave” I am filled with gratitude for all the love and support that made this happen. It is truly unbelievable!!

I teach Relief Society once a month and my next lesson is about peace. Even though things are far from easy for Lincoln, I am proud of him for finding peace.  This quote on peace is from the Howard W. Hunter manual. He says, “Jesus was not spared grief and pain and anguish and buffeting. No tongue can speak the unutterable burden he carried, nor have we the wisdom to understand the prophet Isaiah’s description of him as a “man of sorrows.” His ship was tossed most of his life, and, at least to mortal eyes, it crashed fatally on the rocky coast of Calvary. We are asked not to look upon life with mortal eyes; with spiritual vision we know something quite different was happening upon the cross.” Of course this is referring to the Atonement being made by the Savior on our behalf. He goes onto say, “Peace was on the lips and in the heart of the Savior no matter how fiercely the tempest was raging. May it so be with us in our own hearts, in our own homes, in our own nations of the world…We should not expect to get through life…without opposition. One may live in beautiful and peaceful surroundings but because of inner dissension and discord, be in a state of constant turmoil. On the other hand one may be in the midst of utter destruction…and have the serenity of unspeakable peace. If we look to man and the ways of the world we will find turmoil and confusion. If we will but turn to God, we will find peace for the restless soul.”


The kids all together on Christmas morning!


Lincoln playing card games with the help of a wooden card holder.


Putting the bathroom shelves together for all Lincoln’s supplies

November 15, 2015

I keep being asked when I am going to update the blog. A lot has happened since the last post.

Seminary and school are going well and he rarely misses a day.

Our long time friends moved to Beaumont and we really appreciate their love and friendship. Jana has been helping us out with Lincoln a couple of times a week. Our physiotherapist took pictures of Jana working with Lincoln. A booklet was then printed up to insure a more successful home physio program.

Lincoln got his braces off. His orthodontist has been so supportive and accommodating. Lincoln’s journey has really touched him and he was emotional as we hugged goodbye.

Lincoln’s G tube into his stomach fell out. It was not discovered until a few hours later. By then the hole had nearly closed and there was no way to reinsert it at home. Since we didn’t use it much we just let the hole close. It is one less thing we have to take care of. Now Lincoln really wants to get rid of his trach, but his doctor assures us that he still needs it to inflate his lungs and keep him healthy.

He was able to stop two of his meds but one more was added. So, I figure we are still ahead.

Over the past couple of months, Lincoln has had 3 occasions that I can recall, where he was asked to speak to people. He spoke to a group of approximately 100 seminary students and teachers in West Lethbridge. The students had been learning about enduring and overcoming trials and Lincoln was a great example of this. He and his Dad were asked to speak at Stake priesthood meeting in Edmonton. They spoke about how the power of God on earth (the priesthood) has blessed their lives. There were several hundred men in attendance. The third occasion was when his last year’s educational assistant asked him to speak to three of her classes. They had been learning about gratitude. There were close to 100 kids gathered in a small gym. Lincoln was at the front and the kids asked him question after question for over an hour. Anyone who spends time with Lincoln always seems to come away uplifted.

Before this accident, Lincoln was rather quiet. Every time I see him speak to reporters or groups people I know what a stretch this has been for him. He is growing in so many ways.

Monthly trach changes are going well. This last one was done by his brother, Benson. Lincoln wants him to be trained so they can go places and hang out together.

He continues soccer twice a month. He loves any chance to get out and do things. He recently went to an Oilers game with his Dad and a friend.

He attended the 10th annual Courage Award ceremony at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. He and three others received this award. Their names and pictures will hang in the hall of the Glenrose along with the recipients of the last 10 years!

As far as his suite goes, we have been busy with many final details. The contractors and their teams have been so diligent and hard working. We are overjoyed with it’s completion! The stone is up on the outside, so it finally looks finished. As of now, we only have the closets to finish putting together and the washer and dryer to hook up. Yesterday Lincoln and I were feeling a bit too excited, so I unplugged the bed and ventilator and rolled him across the hallway down the ramp and into his suite. There are a few things that still need to be organized, but HE HAS OFFICIALLY MOVED INTO HIS SUITE!!!!!

Even though this is not how any of us imagined our lives, we have faith that this is exactly how God wants it to be. He wants us to turn to Him to uplift and strengthen others and to learn new things and to grow. This is what he wants for all his children.

In May 2013, Henry B. Eyring gave a talk called, “Come unto me”. He said, “My promise to you who pray and serve the Lord cannot be that you will have every blessing you may wish for yourself and your family. But I can promise you that the Savior will draw close to you and bless you and your family with what is best. You will have the comfort of His love and feel the answer of His drawing closer as you reach out your arms in giving service to others. As you bind up the wounds of those in need and offer the cleansing of His Atonement to those who sorrow in sin, the Lord’s power will sustain you. His arms are outstretched with yours to succor and bless the children of our Heavenly Father, including those in your family.”


Braces on


Braces off


Benson doing Lincoln’s trach change


Finishing the stone on the outside of his suite


Carmen, Lincoln, Rich after the Courage Award Ceremony


Lincoln leaving the office after spending almost 9 months here


Lincoln is officially inside his new suite


First thing he wanted to do was watch a James Bond movie with his brother on the couch

September 8, 2015

After 2 years, all 9 of us are together again!
After 2 years, all 9 of us are together again!
Emma and Kami
Emma and Kami

Yes it has been over two months since the last post. My intention was to update monthly. Just when I thought things would settle down, they didn’t. Lincoln’s brother arrived home from Australia after being gone for 2 years serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His sister Kami got engaged to Corbin Stewart and the two were married in the Cardston temple August 28, 2015. We have enjoyed being all together as a family again, even though it was very brief. We did managed to get family photos done before Kami moved to Lethbridge and got married.

In July during one of Lincoln’s monthly trach changes, we decided to take a video. My phone, however ran out of memory so we didn’t get the whole thing. Maybe next time.

The flooring was chosen and ordered for Lincoln’s suite. The drywall was hung. We are starting to get an idea of what this wonderful space is going to look like. We are truly grateful and amazed that many wonderful people have put in so many hours of service on our behalf.

A friend of ours took Lincoln and Rich to her cousins taxidermy shop. It was a long drive for him but Lincoln is very interested in taxidermy and he had a really good day.

A group of Edmonton area oilmen prepared to do a fundraiser called, Ride for Lincoln. Lincoln designed a logo for the event. It was a lion surrounded by the words, bravery, courage, strength and survivor. We were very touched to feel the support these men and women have for a young boy they had never met. We are so blessed.

The Glenrose rehabilitation hospital nominated Lincoln for the Award of Courage. They didn’t tell us until he won and we had the option of accepting it or not. Among other things, accepting it meant we are obligated to do another news story. This story shows how technology has helped Lincoln along in his journey.

Lincoln was planning on attending a scout camp with his brother, Dad and the young men and leaders from our church. Special planning went into the location and timing of this camp. As luck would have it, the rain made it impossible for him to go. He was able to drive out to the camp with his brother, friend and Dad, even though he had to turn around and come home that same night. Disappointment is something Lincoln is very well acquainted with.

Lincoln tried power soccer after going to watch a team practice. It is harder than it looks, but it’s something he can do. It’s also nice for him to associate with others who are in wheel chairs.

I was lucky enough to go away with my 2 best friends for 10 days this summer. Lincoln’s comment about my being away so long was, “We almost died without mom!!” Dad did his best.

Lincoln continues to see a urologist. The kidney stones appear to be gone but he will be followed indefinitely.

Amazingly enough, Lincoln’s braces are ready to come off after his treatment was on hold for almost a year, while in the hospital.

In the hospital Lincoln saw the pediatrician twice daily. Once we came home we saw him weekly, then biweekly. Now we have graduated to monthly appointments!!!

Although this summer wasn’t like pervious summers our family is used to enjoying, we did get to have one camp fire together in the back yard. We are all learning to appreciate the simple things.

Lincoln started high school last week. He takes 2 core subjects in the morning then comes home for the afternoon. He has an educational assistant who stays with him. This week he started seminary, where he studies the Old Testament. He goes to seminary every day before school.

Lincoln really enjoys visits from friends. He appreciates everyone who takes the time to come and see him.

I came across this scripture and it’s a nice reminder of the life our Father in Heaven expects us to live. It is in the Doctrine and Covenants section 89:123-125.  It says, “See that ye love one another; cease to be covetous; learn to impart one to another as the gospel requires. Cease to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to find fault one with another; cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated. And above all things, clothe yourselves with the bond of charity as with a mantle which is the bond of perfectness and peace.”

Sunday July 5, 2015

This weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of Lincoln’s accident. July 4 will always be a special day for all of us. We are all so very grateful for all the blessings God has given us. It’s hard to look back at some of the pictures and remember the difficult days. But when we see how far Lincoln has come we know we have been witnesses to many miracles.

Last post I promised more pictures of Lincoln’s amazing day at Cabela’s. Once I receive them I will post them.

It was interesting to me that when I asked Lincoln if he could do one thing for himself what would it be… His answer was that he wished he could do his own hair. And tonight when his night care worker and I were getting him ready for bed he asked me to scratch his head. When I hit the right spot he says, “Awh that’s perfect!!”. Then closes his eyes to enjoy a few moments of satisfaction. Then he said, “That’s the worst part of being quadriplegic.” I continue to be inspired by his wonderful attitude and optimism!

This past week we went to Lethbridge for Lincoln’s ortho appointment and for Canada day celebrations. We invaded the Anderson’s home again. What great friends to let us all stay at their place. We all went to the Raymond parade, and for BBQ at my Dad’s house. In the evening I took him out to a friend’s place in Coaldale for another BBQ. At night Lincoln and Rich, Kami and Corbin went to the fireworks. Lincoln’s favorite thing about the week was driving around with Rich trying to find Uncle Mark’s campground at the Old Man Dam Reservoir. Then they spend the day relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Lincoln also enjoyed watching movies and eating popcorn with our friend Calyn.

Lincoln’s health is good. He is being followed by many specialists and receiving excellent care. He uses his power chair mostly everywhere he goes now. He loves the independence this gives him. Recently we had a hand splint made for him with a cuff for a spoon, fork or toothbrush. (It was actually made for a spoon and I received paperwork stating its use is for a spoon only!!)  It is not very stable so we need to figure out how to add another strap, but we are very excited about the prospects. When he is laying in bed almost flat and we place his right hand on his chest, he can lift it up toward his mouth. Go Lincoln!!

This week a friend is taking Lincoln and Rich to a Taxidermy shop. He is really looking forward to going on this trip and seeing all the different mounts.

Later on this month his young men’s group is going on a camp. We are hoping and planning that Lincoln and Rich can go too. There will need to be a few provisions made but he is really looking forward to getting together with the young men and having a fun time.

Many years ago Franklin D. Richards gave a conference talk called, “The purpose of life: to be proved”. He said, “Although it is not customary for one to seek out the difficult or unpleasant experiences, it is true that the trials and tribulations of life that stand in the way of man’s growth and development become stepping stones by which he climbs to greater heights, providing, of course, that he does not permit them to discourage him.”

The day after the accident
The day after the accident
one year later...
one year later…
being silly
being silly

Saturday June 20, 2015

Things are going well with Lincoln. His sister Kami came home from her mission in Atlanta Georgia. They hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half, and this was the first time since Lincoln’s accident. It was a sweet reunion. The two of them each gave a talk in our Sacrament meeting the following Sunday.

I did a trach change on Lincoln at home with a home respiratory therapist supervising. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Now lets hope I can do it with confidence in an emergency situation.

A physio therapist is finally coming to see us. I am so excited about it. I really want to learn how to keep Lincoln strong and flexible. She comes to the house periodically and shows us exercises we can do with him. She also suggested a standing frame. We are trying one out, and so far he loves it.

I had a big transition meeting at Lincoln’s school with teachers from both his current school and the highschool and health care professionals. Lots of loose ends still need to be ironed out. But he will be starting highschool with the rest of the kids on the first day. He will begin attending 2 out of 4 classes a day. They are looking at equipment such as tables and computer programs to make Lincoln’s school days successful.

Unfortunately we lost our main respite nurse due to a technicality. We are sad because we all love her so much. Home care is trying to find a replacement. But luckily we can still hire her for his daily personal care.

We had a quick trip to Lethbridge for Lincoln’s braces. What a wonderful orthodontist and staff. They are so patient and generous with us and are doing an amazing job! His teeth are really coming along great. Instead of staying in a hotel again Rich and Lincoln stayed with the rest of the family at our friends house. Rich carried him down the stairs to a mattress. Lincoln had a lot of fun and he said he would much rather stay there than a hotel.

Lincoln appreciates it when people take the time to visit with him. He has a few special visitors who come regularly.

Lincoln’s second surgery for his kidney stones was successful. He is recovering at home. Like the first surgery he only had to stay hospitalized for one night.

Make a Wish volunteers came to learn more about Lincoln and record 3 of his top wishes. They brought some gifts for the kids, a t-shirt and some CDs for Lincoln. They take these three wishes back to the “wish granter” and a bit more research is done to make sure his wish best suites him. Then they surprise him with little gifts leading up to the fulfilment of his wish. It is quite the process. He is really excited. It’s not every day a kid gets to actually make a wish.

Today Lincoln was privileged to be a special guest at Cabelas. Rich and two of Lincoln’s brothers, Mckay and Travis were also invited. There were military and emergency services demonstrations going on outside. And inside they got to have a personal tour of their inventory. Lincoln’s favorite was the gun library where all the specialty and high end guns are kept. They each got a hat and lanyards. Lincoln also got a camouflage cooler full of other fun gifts. Plus they gave him a gift certificate to choose something he wants for his room. He said he had such a fun day. I am so grateful for everyone who does what they can to make Lincoln’s day. We continue to stand in awe of  people’s generosity. I am so aware of God’s love for this choice son of mine, and for each and every one of us.

In January 2010 President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a talk titled, “Hold on a little longer”. He said, “If ever you are tempted to become discouraged or to lose faith, remember the early saints who remained true. Hold on a little longer. You can do this! You are part of a special generation. You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth.  You have a celestial pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story.”

Trying out a standing frame
Trying out a standing frame
Having a great time outside Cabelas. More pictures in a few days...
Having a great time outside Cabelas. More pictures in a few days…